Basic commandsEdit


Arw Movement

Faciliating movement by tapping and holding the lower left portion of the screen.

Dash demo

Arw Dash

Impulse movement can be used to evade surrounding XADA. Ability must cooldown after 3 consecutive bursts.

Performing a Dash by tapping the Warmech's glyph.

Standard attack

Arw Standard Attack

Warmech's standard attack. Avalon's max attack chain is 7 attacks while Crimson's is 6.

Performing a standard attack by tapping the Strike glyph.

High Force attack

Arw High Force Attack

Warmech's high force attack (or reactor field attack) deals massive damage to enemies.

Performing a high force attack by tapping the Strike glyph as the purple reactor field appear (after a standard attack).

Ballistics Protocol

Arw Range Attacks

Ballistics protocol allows Warmech to damage distant objects.

Activating ballistics protocol by pressing and sliding the strike glyph.

Results screenEdit


After clearing each mission, a results screen will be displayed with the calculation of your performance.

Arw Time: Time taken to complete the mission.

Arw Damage Taken: Damage taken of Warmech, including damage to the shield.

Arw Special Condition: Special condition to earn extra points to the final score. Not to be mistaken with badge.

Arw Revive: Number of revives consumed. The maximum revives of Easy mode is 5 while Hard mode is 3. There is no revive in expert mode.

Arw Final Score: Final calculation of your performance in the mission. The maximum score is 10,000 which must be fulfilled with: S ranks on Time and Damage taken, accomplish Special condition, no Revive consumed.



Arw HP

If the HP drops to 0, the pilot link is severed, causing brain death in the operator.


Arw RA

RA is acquired while performing attacks from Xada lifeforms and needed for special ability activation.

Ability glyphs will arm when RA reaches the required threshold.

ARK Fragment

Arw ARK Fragment

High power ARK Fragment can lend the WM-III near unstoppable abilities. Find and equip them.

Read more: ARK.


Arw Traps

Traps appear everywhere. Utilize impulse movements to evade them.

Read more: Environmental elements.

Containers tip

Arw Containers

Break containers to uncover items such as restorative nano-machines or currency.

Read more: Environmental elements.

Subweapon tip

Arw Subweapon

There are many different subweapons laying around from the war. Find and equip them.

Read more: Weapons.

HEX energy shield

Arw HEX energy shield

The HEX energy shield protects the Warmech from physical damage.

Red field armor tip

Arw Red Field Armour

When a XADA activates Red field armour, it will be able to deal more damage, so take evasive actions until the field dissolves.

RX-shield Generator

Arw RX-Shield Generator

Beware XADA with RX-shield generators. The shield must be knocked down before the XADA can be defeated.

Powerful combos

Arw Powerful Combos

Chain together standard attacks and reactor field attacks for powerful combos.