TerminatrixTerminatrix icon
Reptilian Termavore
Height 3379.66M
Weight 881.76KT
Appearance Main Mission C1-8:
End Zone
Weaponised for indirect long range and close quarters combat.

Controlled by parasitic rider.

Terminatrix is the first boss you face in the game.


  • It fires three fireballs from its back, landing on random locations. Stay clear of the red circular markers to avoid getting hit.
  • The "parasitic rider" charges up and throws a spear at the Warmech. Immediately dash away when the slow-moving spear is thrown, and avoid the scorched circle on the ground that remains.
  • One of Terminatrix's snake heads slams the ground. Either dash away from the main body, or dash to the opposite side away from the slammed head.
  • The "parasitic rider" points its lance in a certain direction and spits fire across the ground in the same direction front of Terminatrix. Dash away from the main body.
  • It raises one of its arms and either smashes on the ground or swipes it across the ground. The ground smash can be avoided by dashing to the opposite side, and both attacks can be avoided by dashing away from the main body.
  • Terminatrix's main mouth smokes up, and spits a stream of fire in front of it. Avoid by dashing to the side.


  • When Terminatrix slams the ground, you can break certain metal bars that drop for extra health packs.
  • When it reaches half of its health, it'll be stunned for a while, so make sure to hit it as much as you can before it returns to normal.
  • Listen to the description about using only long range combat. Using close combat on Terminatrix will make it kill you easily. Use long range attacks until it slams down one of its snake heads down, and then use close combat on it. When it puts the head back up, go back to using long range combat.
  • Terminatrix has five separate weak points, its three heads and its two arms. Coordinate your close range attacks to where you can hit multiple weak points for bigger damage.
  • Dashing and dodging is key for this battle, so make sure you keep an eye on where the projectiles are being fired at.
  • The Vortex Edge skill could be very helpful, if you activate the skill horizontally, as it will lose a lot of health.
  • When it is defeated, it will crawl back up and smash the area in front of it before it actually dies. Remember to dash back or you may be killed.


  • In Terminatrix's description, the word "weaponised" is misspelled as "weaponsied".
  • In official Implosion 2014 trailer, Terminatrix's former name is "Hanni".