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Prion Mutation
Appearance Main Mission C4-9:
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Rama is the fifth boss you face in the game. It is the second evolved form of Dr. Raymond Millar.


  • If the player is close enough, it slashes a projectile at the player or swipes and create lava under it. Dash away from Rama.
  • Rama holds out its arms and launches 4 orbs: 2 blue orbs and 2 red orbs towards the player. Blue orbs explode into 12 smaller orbs, and red orbs will follow the player and create an explosion. Dash away from the orbs and dash in between the blue orbs that split apart.
  • It launches small red twisters at the player three times in a row. One twister for the first and second time, and three twisters for the third time. Can be avoided by walking out of the way.
  • A yellow circular marker appears around Rama and creates 2 explosions under the player, one after the other. Keep moving to avoid the yellow markers that appear under you.
  • Rama quickly charges for a dash attack that knocks the player back. Dash to the side.

20% healthEdit

  • During a brief cutscene, Rama creates 5 red orbs that constantly rotate around the stage, stop, and shoot lasers for the remainder of the battle.


  • This boss moves a lot more faster than its previous form Duja, mainly because of its new teleporting ability. Because of this, the RA slowing ability is highly useful in this battle.
  • Do not expend your dashes when fighting Rama. Some of Rama's attacks can be avoided just by walking, and wasting them will leave you vulnerable to its follow-up attacks.
  • Long range weapons are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You will take a lot of damage if you get too close.
  • After it launches small twisters, it will stand still for 2 seconds. This is the best time to use close range attacks.
  • When Rama's health reaches 20%, do your best to engage it inside the inner circle where the lasers don't fire at you. Fighting in the stage's outer section would mean you would have to dodge Rama's regular attacks, including the lasers.
  • After its health is 20%, you should have the RA bar maxed. Use all special skills accurately to drain his health as most as possible, before its blue orbs and red orbs can kill you first.