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First appearance C1-7: Iron Oxide
Special ability RX-shield generator

Praetor is one of the XADA mini bosses. It first appears in Main mission C1-7 as a boss.


  • Close range attack: it pumps the piston on its hand, then releases and attacks the Warmech.
  • Long range attack: it pumps the piston on its hand with huge pressure, creates fire, then releases and dashes at the Warmech, dealing massive damage.


  • Whenever the Praetor attacks, it pumps it's piston, which releases steam. To efficiently dodge it's close range attack, simply execute an Impulse movement when the Praetor releases steam to get as far as possible.
  • When the Praetor executes a long range attack, it pumps it's piston and creates fire on it's attacking hand. Before it attacks, it pulls back the attacking hand. Before pulling back it's hand it will continue to lock onto the Warmech until it pulls back the attacking hand. Execute the Impulse movement as it pulls back the hand to dodge the attack efficiently.


  • RX-Disintegration (Avalon) and Xada Shell Attack Damage (Crimson) can be used to quickly destroy the RX-Shield.