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Jonathan Carloway
Voice actor Jack Merluzzi
Kenjiro Tsuda(JP)
New Plan K;no dying today.
— Jonathan said to K-10


Jonathan Carloway is a Warmech II pilot who pilots the Warmech II "Retrofit". He has been described as "no slouch when it comes to ballistic combat". He is Jake's uncle, a comrade, and a friend of Napoleon's. He has an AI battle companion named "K-10".

Trivia Edit

  • He is the main character for the upcoming Rayark animation film Implosion: ZERO_DAY, which is set 20 years before the events of Implosion - Never Lose Hope
  • In the upcoming version 1.2 update for Implosion, Jonathan will become a playable character with his own set of missions to explore, piloting his Warmech II battle suit. While his play style is similar to Avalon and Crimson, a notable feature is his heavy use of projectile weapons while fighting.