GoldieGoldie icon
Dr. Goldie Millar
Voice actor Rachel Walzer
Height 3379.66M
Weight 881.76KT
Appearance Main Mission C3-8:
Medusa's Kiss
Facilitated Prion transmutation Entity.

Psycho-kinetic Energy field present.

Goldie, or Dr. Goldie Millar is the third boss you face in the game. She is also the wife of Raymond Millar.


  • She slams her giant hand on the ground, and toxic explosions appear from the ground, following the player.
  • She inhales, and swipes her arm in a circular pattern, dealing massive damage.
  • She charges her giant arm and punches forward.
  • Toxic steam appears around her head, and she fires 8 toxic balls in 8 different directions.
  • Goldie raises her giant arm and smashes on the player 3 times. Continually dash away from Goldie as this happens, as each hit pushes her closer to you.
  • She fires 6 toxic balls from the giant hand's eye at the player.
  • When Goldie reaches low health, she slams her giant hand on the ground and a giant glass container will fall from the sky. If the container is left on stage for too long, it will restore a portion of her HP. This can happen multiple times until the container is actually destroyed.
  • At some occasions, she attaches herself somewhere and summons enemies. She also fires homing toxic balls at the player.


  • Watch your shield carefully. If it dissipates, evade and wait for it.
  • The poison balls will not do much damage if you got the shield.
  • Use your gun often. It provides a small amount of damage, but is helpful when your shield is off.
  • For close-up battles, watch out if she is inflating, as she will do a circle attack around her, dealing a lot of damage.
  • Be cautious if you and Goldie are far away from each other on the stage. When she crawls back, she is likely going to rush straight at you, so try to evade as this deals massive damage.
  • The best way to attack Goldie up close is to bait out her attacks, especially the circular swipe, and counterattack when the attack ends.
  • It can be dangerous to expend your dashes trying to evade the poison eruptions. The eruptions can already be avoided by walking, and you will most likely get hit while you're fatigued after dashing.
  • You can tell when the container is about to drop as the camera zooms out of the stage. Because the container breaks better on successive hits than actual damage, your SMG is recommended as it quickly breaks the containers with approx. 50-55 rounds.