EmperonEmperon icon
Height 2587.397M
Weight 487.79KT
Appearance Main Mission C2-8:
Blizzard Titan
Class V Mutaform.

Xada propagation organism armed for close range combat.

Emperon is the second boss you face in the game.


  • Emperon jumps back, its forehead glows, and fires a homing skull-like projectile from its head. Execute Impulse movement when it gets close.
  • It swings it giant claw forward, dealing damage if the player is in its reach. Dash away from Emperon.
  • Emperon jumps back, crouches, and leaps towards the player. If Emperon misses, it will leap at least two more times (if the second one misses). Dash back when you see Emperon crouching.
  • Emperon roars and continually damages the player. Dash away from Emperon until it stops roaring.
  • It slams its giant scythe claw on the ground. Avoid by dashing to the side.
  • When its health is halved, it jumps away, spawning Razorphiles and Triclops. When all enemies have been killed, stay far away from the red circle that appears on the ground, as that circle is where Emperon will jump back on the stage.


  • The Shotgun and Launcher provided before the actual boss fight are very effective tools against Emperon. The Shotgun deals a large amount of damage to Emperon when up close, while the Launcher is useful for keeping distance against him and clearing the Xada minions.
  • Try not to stay immobile, as this boss moves A LOT. Also, most of its attacks automatically home in the player.
  • Try to watch for its movements when attacking at close range, because his attacks can cause severe damage.
  • When its health is halved, it will be stunned for a short while. Use all attacks you can have at this time.
  • When it jumps back after all enemies have been killed, try to dodge as fast as possible with multiple dashes at the right time.


  • In the description of Emperon, the word "propagation" is misspelled as "propogation".
  • So far, this is the only boss that has different height and weight (as showed before the boss battle).
  • When battling Emperon, the song used during the battle is "Waiting for You to Die", which was performed by Alpha Legion, a heavy metal band that contributed 2 songs to Cytus, another one of Rayark's games.
  • In official Implosion 2014 trailer, Emperon's former name is "Reaper".
    • In the description of Reaper, the word "parasitic" is misspelled as "parastic".
    • But later, this description was added to Terminatrix instead of Emperon.