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DujaDuja icon
Prion Mutation
Appearance Main Mission C4-8:
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Duja is the fourth boss you face in the game. This is the first boss form of the main antagonist Dr. Raymond Millar, who has mutated into a XADA lifeform.


  • Duja swipes his claws and knocks the player down.
  • He smashes the ground, creating lava around it, and spreads 6 fireballs.
  • It digs its hands under the ground and flings rocks at the player.
  • Duja tucks himself and swiftly rolls at the player. After rolling, it is stunned for a few seconds.

50% HealthEdit

  • It flings rocks at the player 2 times instead of one.
  • It rolls at the player 3 times in a row.


  • The safest strategy to fight with it is use far range weapons and wait until it rolls at the player. After it is stunned, attack it as fast as possible then dash back.
  • If its health is below 50%, remember that it will roll 3 times. Try to stay in the middle of the area, as you will have more space to dodge.