Badges are gained by completing certain objectives in missions.

Note: Equipping infinite guns won't allow you to earn badges. Despite having fulfilled the badge's requirement and the results screen even display your newly earned badge, you won't be able to see it in the mission selection screen. Also it won't allow you to earn Exp and ARK drops (the normal drop probability seems to reduces himself to zero).

Badge ListEdit

White badge Badge Description Instruction
Nano Crusher Breaks all containers in the level Find and break all containers. There might be some which don't appear on your way.
Good Boy Nothing broken in the level Don't break any containers in the level.
Bloodless Zero damage taken in the level No damage received to HP. Damage to the shield is acceptable but don't let it be destroyed.
Stand Last Zero knock down in the level

Warmech is not knocked down by the enemy. Usually the ones can knock the Warmech down are Bosses and Mini bosses. Take evasive actions when they perform strong attacks. Warmech will be also vulnerable to be knocked down by any attacks if the shield was destroyed.

Naked Complete the level without equipping any ARKs Unequip all ARKs from Warmech before accessing the mission.
Uncharter Open the secret room in the level Before accessing the mission, equip an ARK named Cerberus Algorithm which increase the Hack level stat of the Warmech, allow opening the secret room.
Hide And Seek Zero shield utilized in the level Don't let enemy's attack touch you, as every time you sustain an attack, the shield will be automatically utilized.
Senior Complete the level in Hard mode
Rusher Complete the level within ??? seconds Complete the mission within a given time frame.
Immortal Complete the level without reviving
Anger Management Stop Goldie from performing a certain undisclosed action When Goldie's health has 1/3~1/4 left, she will slam the ground (Warmech takes no damage) and drop the green container. Use combo attacks to destroy the green container immediately before Goldie heals from it.
Nano Doctor Zero health pack taken in level Do not claim any health gaining material.
Sniper Ballistic kills only in the level Kill all enemies using gun weapons only. Warmech can still use melee attacks and skills to decimate the enemies' portion of health left for easy gun weapon kill.
Forbearance Zero RA used in the level Don't use special skills in the level.
Melee Lover No subweapons used Don't use any ranged weapons in the level

Badge RewardEdit

Once reaching a certain amount of badges, you have access to different rewards.

6 Badge Axosomatic Synapse
Electron Shell
Mind Over Matter
12 Badge 3500 Currency
18 Badge Cerberus Algorithm (Excellent Version)
Eidetic Memory
26 Badge Hex Field Modulation (Advanced Version)
35 Badge 10000 Currency
42 Badge Unlock Crimson
52 Badge Hex Field Modulation (Excellent Version)
68 Badge Zero-point Conduction
Self Improvement Kernel
76 Badge Omega Reactor
88 Badge Cranial Nerve Conduction
Zero Point Energy
100 Badge RT-Recombination
101 Badge Avalon: Death Metal Suit
101 Badge Crimson: Akatsuki Suit
104 Badge Shotgun Infinite Shotgun
110 Badge Singularity Infinite Singularity
115 Badge Flamethrower Infinite Flamethrower
120 Badge XadaDestroyer Infinite Xada Destroyer
128 Badge Launcher Infinite Launcher
140 Badge Ubercrank Infinite Ubercrank