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ARK is an equipment to enhance Warmech's ability.

Types of ARKEdit

There are 4 different types of ARK:

  • Alpha (α): Primarily affects offensive stats (Power, Heavy Attack Damage etc.).
  • Beta (β): Primarily affects defensive stats (Endurance, Armour, Shield etc.).
  • Gamma (γ): Primarily affects additional stats (Hack Level, Critical etc.).
  • Lambda (λ): Takes charge of the Skills system and some stats.

There are 3 qualities of ARK:

  • Normal
  • Advanced
  • Excellent

List of ARKsEdit

See main article: ARK/List.

ARK SystemEdit

A Warmech can be equipped with up to 7 ARKs, which assembles an ARK system. The central ARK is always type λ while the others can be varied depending on the Warmech.



  • Multiple Warmechs can equip the same ARK.
  • Lambda ARKs are unique to individual Warmechs. For example, Avalon's Lambda ARKs are incompatible to Crimson's Lambda ARKs, and vice versa. They are differentiated by the symbols' colors, blue and red respectively.