Dodge cancel (advanced avalon technique)

For those of you who don't play Devil May Cry, "cancelling" a move means skipping the animation frames of an action through the use of another action. In particular, dodge cancelling allows one to skip some of the latter frames of dodging, and this is done by switching to ballistics protocol for a split second. In order to see how this works, I recommend that you use Avalon and follow the steps below.

1.) Choose a large space where you can move about freely without hitting any walls. DO NOT try this on level 1-1, as this level prohibits the use of ranged weapons.

2.) While doing steps 3 to 5, move in one direction (any direction you would like).

3.) Press the impulse button.

4.) As quickly as you can, drag the strike button in the same direction that you are facing. This should make Avalon switch to ballistic protocol and replace the sword with the SMG.

5.) As quickly as you can, release the strike button.

What happened? Avalon stopped the dodge midway through, and continued running in the same direction without stopping due to the last few frames of the dodge animation. Amazing, no? This technique allows one to easily traverse levels and dodge attacks that would otherwise be undodgeable with Avalon's pathetic excuse for a dodge. By timing the cancel right, Avalon can dodge a full dodge length and get up and running the moment the dodge finishes, not having to wait for a few milliseconds before running again. We all know how important those few milliseconds are during any engagement, so I suggest you try learning how to incorporate dodge cancelling in your arsenal if you want to make your way up those leaderboards using Avalon.

Below is a good example of how dodge cancelling is done. The recording was done in two parts, due to technical difficulties. The second part will be uploaded later upon request.